3set BigFoot's Classic Edition "13 years Schallwand"

3set BigFoot's Classic Edition "13 years Schallwand"

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BigFoot's! With energized chips on board! For many components and amplifiers 
the first choice. Since 2004, hand-crafted. The presses and the customers have been 
illuminating and glaringly shining, our Big- and LittleFoot's add a small part of the magic 
in the music reproduction of your high-end system. Now New! The Big and LittleFoots 
are now equipped with new chips and now have even more aura in sound development. 
The listening experience (issue 63) was also very enthusiastic. They are indispensable for 
a number of plant building blocks in the editorial department. Andreas Limbach compared 
the effect of the Big- & LittleFoot's with the Shakti Stones. 
And wrote: "Here and from today I would not want to do without these foots." 
Stereoplay even gave them the ability to create a better picture under accessories 
in plasma / LCD, audio / video chains. Result: "Standing Ovation's" 
Specifications: North American style, slowly and densely grown soundwood, specially stored, 
dried and cut, with in-house additions from instrument building. With new all1 Technology. 
8,5cm wide * 8,5cm deep * 9cm high. 
Weight per foot approx. 350 grams (BigFoot's) 
8,50cm deep * 8,50cm wide * 4,50cm high 
approx. 180 grams (LittleFoot's) 
Load capacity per foot at least 30-60 kg 
(There are also customers with 150 Kilo-heavy amplifiers and loudspeakers, 
which also posed no problem) contact surfaces with special chips. 
Covered with our grade plate in stainless steel. Handmad

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