Customers, Press & References

Customers, Press & References

Customers, Press & References
You can find our products with some editors in your plants. We have accompanied part-time customers for over a decade. Mr. Limbach or Mr. Weinreuter from the listening experience, musicians like Büdi Siebert etc., to many hundreds or thousands of listeners at home ...

Thanks for the many wonderful years and the many enthusiastic feedback!
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Current Letters:

Hello Mr. Beckmann.
I only own one AMVT. I placed this on the amplifier.
The sound effects are huge.
The sound dissolves from the speakers, and everything sounds more "real".
I think that's not achievable with any components.

One should treat the AMVT but a few days exposure time.
After a while I lost the AMVT again.
Then it sounded like "stereo" again, and the authenticity was gone.
Best regards,
H. B.

Hello Mr. Beckmann,
first sorry that I now only announce, but I just did not come to the LV-33 to ask.
Now I hear the WE extensively with the speakers and am more than enthusiastic!
I'm really glad that I got the speakers! After their demonstration with the smaller model one could guess where the journey went, but the potential in the LV-33 in the corresponding room was not clear to me!
Wow, they did a really great job. Of course I can not say what part fine tuning has with their tools, but it hardly matters because I'm more than happy.
These speakers could last a very long time with me, although I love variety and often put other speakers.
I have not even played much with position changes or electronics, just put on gut feeling, connected with your 211 Monos and: MUSIC!
Of course, they are not designed for heavy metal or disco (though electro stuff like Yellow / Air / Trendemöller etc are quite outstanding). If, in addition, appropriate music such as acoustic things, jazz etc. runs, really goes right the sun ....

And also the bass fits in the 4.8 * 5.3m room pretty well, amazingly deep, absolutely clean, precise, with life and not dead, plus space without end, dynamics like my last big horn system, resolution like the best electrostatics ... all there ,
At the moment I'm frankly a little scared of the sonic qualities of the LV-33R .... and quite independently of any price ranges. And I've already had some of Altec on Fostex (Alnico series) over Lowther here ....
I am very curious where the journey can go.
I will probably spend a lot of time with the LV in the coming week and gain experience.
If it suits me, I would call you by phone, and we would like to talk about more options such as cable.
So, thank you again for this musical gem (although Klein does not really fit).
Greetings from the Mosel

Hello Mr. Beckmann,
on the 2.9.2017 it was time to visit you again. After a year my son and I was very curious what you and the HES this time from the hat have conjured. Last year we were very impressed with what you can get from more expensive devices, which was absolute world class (for the plant around 35 000 €). This played far above the super expensive high-end systems. But this time I needed a week to understand what we were hearing this year. A full amplifier for 52, - € and a mini-CD player for 47, - € and their wide bands VintageVox. This was the cheapest facility you ever had.
My son and I are hardcore high-end listeners who can rely on 20 years of hifi experience. We have heard a lot of more than 200,000 € and more, and now this. When the first notes sounded we could not believe what we heard here! You can not put it in words what came out of this super cheap plant. I could now write down all the superlative terms, even that would not nearly describe what you and the HES have created. I would take this as an example, so that every future visitor can get an idea what you can achieve with your and HES tuning for any existing system. You do not need to get any further, to buy new equipment every time to make a huge step forward (to get into the hirred Nirvana).
My advice to all HIFI fans, go to Mr. Beckmann to hear what is possible. Mr. Beckmann will always greet her with open arms, overburden her with his knowledge (selflessly as no other enumerates all possibilities), because he would like you to come to this grandiose enjoyment of satisfaction.
Thank you for the unforgettable hours (also a thank you to your understanding woman) from Berlin.

L. G.
J.G and 
Report on the new Beckmann audiophile CD ElixierCleaner 100ml:

Hello Mr. Beckmann,
so, now I have times in your new development.
What can I say? Hammer - the best CD cleaning product after my many years of experience on the market!
Before I write more specifically, I ask you for a test, which I have already done:
clean the White Mirror Master from both sides with your spray!
What is your experience?

Part II:

... without having cleaned the cover there was already a complete additional information layer gain!
(Measured for me by far the best product to date, the Dei *******).
With your spray, there are completely new melodies and side instruments to discover, much more physical, natural and responsive. The energy distribution from top to down is better.
With a well-groomed White Mirror Master edition, it is even more energy in all layers, especially at the bottom, a little more space, and yes, as an analogue and even more catchy one can describe it.
Like a 1 - 2 class better CD player - so extremely cheap your spray for this improvement.
Measured on the best CD-Spray so far! With neglected CDs it must then probably be a true quantum leap.
Test today, I am already impatiently for further listening experience!

Greetings and a thousand thanks


Note: Thank you very much for your kind feedback. Mr. R., we did not actually think of the White Mirror, to clean it with our new CD spray, since we always use the EnergySpray of the HES. Now we tried the spray once and found everything a bit more spatial and open, indeed, more analog. So first clean with Beckmann audiophile CD ElixierCleaner, and then envelop in the fog of the EnergySpray the HES and the CD 10 seconds before the play to pause in the player up, afterwards everything is even more open and powerful ... thank you for your creative Ideas about the sound worlds and a greeting from Nettetal to A.


Hello Mr. Beckmann,

thank you for the hearing morning today with tasting.

What to say?

1+ quite clear thing!

After the first four titles my thoughts rattled me

through the head, how does it go ???

Small space, cheapest devices, and then such a sound?

When you put a tara stone under the Shena lamps in the middle,

and the title started again, it was quite clear it was your tuning.

I've known the Tara stone for so many years,

but live to experience such a small intervention the whole

Increasing transparency once again is worth a visit!

I now only extend my wish list to continue.

Very first cream!

Many thanks again,


The next morning, the phone rang: "Hello, Mr. Beckmann, it's me again. I just wanted to tell you that yesterday I did everything I did again, and I realize now that I've heard the best thing I was able to listen to all the sounds from the core, no matter what direction of music, it is really incredible how easy it is to play everything, I was about to sell everything at home and put your equipment on ... "
Hello Mr. Beckmann,
yes, it was really nice to hear you and listen to delicious music!

I have since Monday a bit time to capture what your plant since my last visit still better and different.
Is not at all so easy to find with this rundumsorglosgegehautperformance starting points. I try it: the class of the performance is determined by the recording. No sooner have I discovered a tiny point of criticism - bums, the next shot and away with it. A missing tweeter? Why should he be good? Subwoofer? Nonsense! - Yes, that's it: the VintageVox does not sound like broad bands! She can do everything without the broadband. I hear a relaxed ability to reproduce every kind of music with a dazzling, comprehensible, and lively voice. On top you can also say.

Congratulations and my respect!

Until the next meeting, I'm already looking forward to it.
best regards