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About us

About us


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Without fine tuning a music reproduction chain, you will never be able to illuminate their full potential. 
Your system can still be so expensive, it will never be able to play the full spectrum, without Feintuning. 
We have been researching this very successfully for years, and have gained a lot of experience. 
Every year, we present a completely different range of equipment, which shows us what Fine-tuning can do.
Since 1985 I live high fidelity and sound. Since 2004 we are "official" with the technologies available today, 
the most beautiful workings for your sound dreams & life quality on the track. What you find here is 
the serious consideration of the goal of creating authentic and organic sound at the highest level. 
Together with the High-End-Schmiede, you will accompany over 60 years of HighEnd experience.
This has worked with us from the beginner to the passionate high-end listener, has been proven one hundred 
or thousand times and described by end customers, and the press.


In a time of increasingly unnatural fields in our environment, which are affecting us, 
and our high-end, hi-fi, audio and video systems, electricity, space, air, sleeping area 
and food, we are with our knowledge and products not only sound-optimized for you.


From the sound of the sound, the disharmonies and resonances of the components, circuits, 
housings, cables, loudspeakers, power strips and ultimately the space, we conceive everything 
as a harmonious interplay if we do it right.
The whole sound world energy has unmistakably a higher, more airy mood, an idyllic color, 
a poetic swing, as one seldom finds it in common life. Art, nature, spirit, wit and heart, 
the up-and-coming geniality in sound and quality of life, all contribute to giving the activity 
a little more clarity, which in turn contributes to the development of the buds of all our work. 
The sound of the heart beat is pulsating with the romance of great places of past epochs. 
A little magic and deceleration in the stressed time of many people.


The areas of suppression of current and signal flow as well as responsible 
areas of perception in space and time are relaxed so that exactly the effect which 
is so often described in the many customer letters, 
you relax and listen as God in France, Germany, Holland, Japan, China, Italy, America.















They deepen so much in the recordings and vivid sounds that you will forget space and time for a while. 
The orientation machine can rest. You are in a creative and relaxing mode. We create a refuge for you. 
Musical sound, cleanliness in rendering, clarity, adequate warmth, softness when asked, depth, and spatial image, 
make the components disappear. The stability in the reverberation increases, the ringing of the tones into the silence becomes a tension.
From the silence, one can later see the spatial dimensions of the recording, even before the first note is heard, 
from his armchair. An emotional participation results in each piece. An openness, which creates lively sounds, 
combined with a spatiality, which allows one to lie down. Pianoforte, piano, contra, voices, sustained notes, 
up to the vertical perception, and the repeatedly defined stability in the reverberation, then when a grand piano, 
pedal, an overtone ends, one feels it practically felt ... You will experience what we mean either to listen to us, or to you, 
if you have a time with us. Experience values. Awakening the emotions. Sound worlds, for fine spirits for a good reason.
Over time we were able to achieve a very high sound level. We are pleased, at least since 2004, 
with attentive ears and all-encompassing for you. We are looking forward to hearing from you and your friends.
If you are still living cables lying in the chain, have placed on glass, or shiny metallic surfaces, we take you away 
from the many-sided ways to new places. There are still plastic, rubber, or plastic foams at the plant and in the room?
 We go where you stand, where your wildest dreams will take you away.
If your plant already consists of the best ingredients in the world, and you have made a lot 
of effort in the run-up to already implement everything worth knowing, congratulations! 
Then we can give you another 30%, it works with every chain on the planet, again and again!

Sound worlds, we love everything that is beautiful, harmonious, bright and perfect.

Now have a lot of fun and fun on your journey through the KlangWelten universe, and your perhaps 
first step with us in a great adventure ...



Marcus Beckmann

(Founder of Schallwand audio laboratory 2004)