KlangWelten Listening Room

KlangWelten Listening Room

KlangWelten Listening Room



Come and visit us, listen to the sound worlds 
at a reduced and yet extraordinary music system.


"Mr. Beckmann, the show today was state-of-the-art with you, 
and you do not need a big room for it!"

Our VintageVox fullrange loudspeakers, according to plans from the fifties, are "good handable", 
open baffles with an extremely rare 15 Ohm wide range driver from the cinemas. 
With 97dB in NOS, from the 80s.


NEW! This year we have put together the perhaps most favorable Components in the world, 
which has ever been presented in a hi-fi demonstration. We can show with this minimum system 
that we also play with 100 euros of equipment, the sound of over 23,000 euros components of the 
previous performance. So it is nearly us no matter what bag Hifi you bring us into the house, 
we make from it a new standard!

In our demonstration, we provide our in-house cabling, and our KlangWelten portfolio of HighFidelity accessories, 
finely tuned. The KlangWelten tuning, consisting of Schallwand audio laboratory resonance system, 
and the HIGH-END-SCHMIEDE, as well as other recommendations, such as Townshend and ShunMook. 
Where the combination makes it again. Pure metrology like Townshend, meets magic of ShunMook legends.

Schallwand_Schoenhut_Audio_KlangWelten_Tuning_y1388-221 Equipment for 07.2017

Schallwand_audio_lab_KlangWelten_mit_HighEndSchmiede_und_Shun_Mook NOW!


In a new chapter of the KlangWelten you will hear a switching amplifier board 
from a mini amp to 53 Euro, a power supply to 38 Euro and a mini CD player to 47 Euro. 
The rest is KlangWelten-fine-tuning, which has come out, you will surely learn from the 
visitors, or you will come to hear yourself.




We can read many customer letters with acknowledgments for an outstanding performance
 again and again. Thanks a lot for this. 
Despite a smaller space and a minimal chain of CD + Amp + wide bands.

The rest: KlangWelten - HighFidelity Accessories for fine spirits.

Thank you for your many trips and feedbacks from the last decade.

More than 30 years of loudspeaker designs, 20 years of detailed work on fullrange 
in the form of the VintageVox have become a long-term recreation area in the music space.

Give yourself the time to listen to us, we look forward to seeing you!

>>> Make an appointment now! <<<


We are there for you from Monday to Friday,

in exceptional cases, you can also register for a Saturday appointment.

Please call us at tel. 02153-1395440,

or write us your desired date at post@schallwand.com

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